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Message From Our Board

At the heart of the Edmonton People in Need Shelter Society (EPINSS) is our mission: 

To improve the well-being and enhance the quality of life for individuals suffering severe chronic mental illness in our greater community by providing them with the appropriate and affordable food and shelter as well as the necessary programs and support services required”  

Everyone at EPINSS, from staff, to management, and our board of directors, is committed to that mission and making sure that everything we do supports that path.

The programs and services offered by EPINSS have stretched and evolved over the past 36 years as the needs and demographics of our greater community have changed.  EPINSS has grown into a community that supports clients in three diverse yet interconnected programs: Designated supportive living (DSL4/DSL4D); Wellness Integrated Supported Housing; and Mental Health Transition Housing.  We continue to strive to enhance the quality of life for clients in all three programs through our services and supports.

The board of directors for EPINSS provides governance and oversight to the operations of EPINSS and is made up of community members with skills and experience necessary to provide that level of oversight.  The board works to support the EPINSS staff in persevering throughout challenging times and decisions in an everchanging healthcare landscape.

In order to continue to deliver top level programs and services we have identified four focus areas for our strategic plan: Maintaining financial stability; best in class client care; recruit and retain quality employees; and age in place.  We are working diligently with the EPINSS team to make sure we are successful in those areas.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of EPINSS and of the people responsible for its operations.  The staff, families, and clients all work together to provide the best quality of life for everyone at EPINSS.  On behalf of our board of directors, we extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making EPINSS the vibrant, diverse, and supportive community it is.

Thank you.

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